UI Developer / Frontend Developer

Pagnon Jean-Christophe
26 rue de l'Yveline
78640 Saint Germain de la grange
Email: gooz@foojin.com
Telephone: +33629156072
Driving Licence: A and B categories

About me

My name is Jean-Christophe Pagnon.
I have been crafting stuff on the web for over 20 years now and 15 years professionally.
I like to look around, from the Shell or server performance to UX, design and accessibility but my true love goes to frontend and quality.
Contact me directly: GoOz at foojin.com


A non-exhaustive list of my main skills


HTML / CSS / Javascript


Atomic Design / ITCSS / BEM / SuitCSS / CSS Modules / RWD / Progressive enhancement / Cross compatibility / Opquast / PWA


Sass / LESS / Stylus / PostCSS (cssNext)

Templating engines

Handlebars / Twig / Pug (ex-Jade) / Liquid

JavaScript frameworks

jQuery / Modernizr / React / preact / VueJS / StencilJS

Known CMS & back-end frameworks

Symfony / Drupal / Wordpress / Dotclear / Ghost / Eleventy

Task Runners

Grunt / Gulp / Webpack


Git / Subversion

Work experiences

July 2020-Today : UI Developer / Frontend Dev

UKG - Paris (Full remote)
Design system development and maintenance with StencilJS distributed as Vanilla JS, Angular, React and Ember packages for all the UKG app development teams across the world (US/Canada/india/UK/France,…).  
Design system focused on DevX, performance and accessibility.

November 2019-July 2020 : UI Developer / Frontend dev

CG Wire - Paris (Full remote)
Development of a production tracking solution for animation and post-production studios.

November 2016-July 2019 : UI Developer / Frontend dev

Cozy Cloud - Paris (Full remote)
Design system development for the Cozy platform, a secured cloud to handle and store your personal data.

January 2016-November 2016 : Frontend dev

Oonops - Paris
Development of several websites for insurance, industry or NGO clients

2013-2015 : Frontend dev - Consultant

Clever Age - Paris
Development of several websites for luxury, insurance, industry or ready-to-wear clients

2012-2013 : Frontend dev

Express-Roularta Group — Paris
Maintenance and enhancement of all the group's websites (lexpress.fr, lentreprise.com, lexpansion.fr, cotemaison.fr, etc)

2007-2012 : Frontend dev

Brainsonic — Paris
Development of websites for B2B accounts, mail campaigns, offshore team management


2022 : IAAP WAS Certification

Deque University - Web Accessibility Specialist Certification

2011 : Javascript course

IB Formations - Cegos Group

2005-2008 : Multimedia department – Campus – Edition & Communication

IESA Paris

Until 2003 : High school diploma et CAP in Photography



2010-2013 — planning member
ParisWeb charitable organisation (Conferences about webdesign, quality and accessibility) - www.paris-web.fr


Comic books (Comics, Franco-Belge, Manga), photography (portrait, B&W), tabletop role-playing games, internet memes and cats, obviously.


Français (native), English (read, spoke, written), Español (notions), Português (notions)